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8 Tips to Becoming a Great Real Estate Agent

Tips to Becoming a Great Real Estate Agent

Home buyers and sellers often rely on references from people they trust when looking for an agent to guide them through the buying and/or selling process. So how do you rise above your competition to become the agent everyone is recommending?

Start With These 8 Tips to Becoming a Great Real Estate Agent

Know the neighborhoods

Your knowledge should be so intimate, you could write a book in your spare time ─ but of course, you won’t have any if you’re the hottest agent in town. Be familiar with the latest sales, from the condition of the homes to any special concessions made to facilitate the transactions. Know the streets, assigned schools, issues, and attributes. Be an unparalleled expert in your market.

Show your work

From your first meeting with new clients, you should explain the processes, anticipate their questions and concerns, and provide them with the information they need to make the best choices for their needs. Stay in contact, keep them updated, and always be prepared to make adjustments when necessary.

Be tech-savvy

With current technology and data plans, you should never be without everything you need to make anything happen from anywhere. Between apps and the Internet, you can research a new listing and sign a contract while you’re on a boat somewhere, if need be. Stay up on the latest trends, have your smartphone and tablet at the ready, and aim to be as paperless as possible.

Communicate efficiently

Ask your clients how they prefer to be contacted. Some may prefer text; others, email. Still others may prefer a call. Reach out to them in the way they’re most comfortable and, most importantly, respond to their communications as quickly as possible. This tells your clients that they are important to you.

Network effectively

You’re not a lone wolf. You should work well with other agents in your area. Your next seller may be a perfect match for their buyer. Foster good relationships with other professionals in the field. You should also develop a network of trusted closing agents, contractors, and mortgage lenders. Be confident in the people you recommend. This information can be invaluable to your clients, and you will be remembered as a trusted, knowledgeable resource.

Stay in the lead with leads

The best real estate agents try multiple approaches to generating leads. They look for innovative ways to interact with potential new clients. They understand their online presence is vital to their business. When a home buyer or seller is ready to make a move, the first place they often go is online. They ask their friends on social media; their friends, in turn, will often tag the person they’re recommending. Your social media pages should be up to date, so they see you are engaged and knowledgeable.

Tireless tenacity

Agents who are able to appear to their clients as if they work around the clock are often celebrated. The trick: being so organized and automated that it only appears you never rest. Because really, who wants to work 24/7? And who wants a burned-out agent? No one! Harness your resources in ways that allow you to provide this round-the-clock appearance without running yourself ragged. Let technology help you.

Be and assertive organized, honest

These three traits are critical for becoming a great real estate agent. Pay attention to detail. Keep your records meticulous. Always be upfront with all parties, while respecting your client relationship. Speak up. Follow up. And market your clients’ homes with fervor. You should provide knowledge and authenticity. These are the hallmarks of exceptional customer service.

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