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Becoming the Local Real Estate Expert

Becoming a Local Real Estate Expert in Florida

One of the most important parts of being a real estate agent is to provide your clients with local knowledge and unmatched expertise. This includes knowing the housing market, being familiar with the trends and above all, being a local real estate expert in your area.

Just by bragging that you’re a neighborhood expert on your Facebook page or website doesn’t necessarily make it so. You’ve got to put in the work to stay on top of the constant changes within your own backyard and that of your clients. Here are some tips to help you become locally known and appreciated.

Becoming the Local Real Estate Expert:

Walk, Drive, Talk

Sure you can set up a saved search on the MLS to show you all the activity of the properties in your neighborhood. But the MLS won’t show you that FSBO two blocks from your own home. Or the house with a “For Rent” sign in the yard. While you are out driving you may also see an estate sale or garage sale, the tell-tale sign of a possible relocation. Talk to the homeowners, they appreciate a local agent that is interested in their home. It’s not a bad idea to keep a notepad in your car with the addresses and phone numbers.


Attend local homeowner’s association or CDD meetings, you could even sponsor an event as an opportunity or lead generation. Make use of the local pool, gym or clubhouse – you never know what type of conversation may come up. Stay involved with the PTA and the school bake sales, the sports teams and improvement projects. Not only will you get to know more about the area, but you’ll also get a jump on future community plans.

Marketing Presence

Make sure your Facebook page and website includes pictures of your area, with recent data of sales and listings. Use the data for mailing out postcards, letters or newsletters. Give out your business cards with free stuff like seed packs in the spring and miniature pumpkins in fall. Take out an ad in the school paper or the HOA bulletin. Marketing to your area brings lots of value for very little money.

These are just a few concepts that can help you become a local real estate expert. If you do these things, your name should soon be front-of-mind when anyone talks about your neighborhood. Including asking you for help in buying and selling. But don’t stop there, keep active, stay focused and listen, clients are everywhere.

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