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Freaky Real Estate Encounters of the Worst Kind

Freaky Real Estate Encounters

Skeletons, grenades, strangers in the attic … real estate agents see a lot of strange things when they’re showing properties.

If you’re a serious seller, you don’t want anything odd to jump out at agents or buyers. But sometimes sellers don’t realize there’s anything off-putting about their décor. And others don’t realize someone––or something––has moved in after they moved out.

Here are a few real-life examples of showings gone wrong. If you’re a seller, make sure your home doesn’t end up on a list like this by clearing out your odd collections and cleaning thoroughly before putting your home on the market.

Oh, and let your agent know if you will be using your normally vacant home.

Freaky Real Estate Encounters: Naked Sellers and Dead Raccoons

One agent ran into a stark naked home seller who wasn’t supposed to be at the property. The townhome was vacant, but the seller was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by to take a shower. She walked out as the agent walked in. Awkward moment, to say the least.

Another agent and her clients went to see a fixer-upper home that did not have power. Once inside, the beam of their flashlights glinted upon a rotting raccoon carcass. The trio trudged on, intrepid, until they stumbled upon a second carcass. Two dead bodies were one too many for these plucky buyers.

In Iowa, an agent cleaning out a property recently found what he thought was a dummy grenade. Lucky for the agent, a family member pointed out that the explosive looked quite real. Turns out, it was. The local fire marshal’s office destroyed the grenade, according to news reports.

Halloween Décor Is Not the Way To Go

Weapons can be scary, but for some folks, creepy relics, old dolls, or a haunted-house-type vibe are the real deal killers. A home in California decorated with skulls, freaky dolls and other Halloween-inspired décor made selling the property a frightening prospect for the listing agent. She tried to be tricky by taking limited photos of the interior for the listing, but as soon as potential buyers walked into the house of horrors, they often walked right back out. Selling this house was no treat.

Real-life monsters can strike fear and loathing in the hearts of buyers, too. A basement full of snakes, frogs, and alligators made an otherwise normal townhome a “no way” for one agent and her clients in Virginia.

These stories are entertaining, but only if you aren’t the seller or agent involved! So take these stories as cautionary tales – you don’t want this to happen to you.

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