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The Advantages of Selling a House During the Holiday Season

Selling a House During the Holiday Season

Most people think of home selling as a spring or summer event. On the other hand, listing your home during the holiday months seems like the worst timing possible.

However, many advantages await home owners who decide to sell their house during November through January. While it may not thrill you to deal with a home sale while also going through the holidays, you may find that those advantages outweigh the negatives.

The below list shows some of the benefits of selling during the holidays and some tips to keep in mind.

Selling a House During the Holiday Season: Buyers Are Motivated

No one decides to move during the holidays without a very good reason. Often it involves a job change, leaving the buyers with no choice but to find a home quickly. This also means strong competition between various buyers. So even if you have fewer people looking at your home, they feel motivated to actually make you a good offer.

Looking Your Best

Think about the holidays in your neighborhood. Isn’t that a time of year when both your house and the neighbors’ houses look their best? Having your home decorated for the holidays (but not too much, see below) can put your home’s best foot forward. For some buyers, being part of the holidays in a beautiful neighborhood is part of the motivation for wanting to buy a home (especially for those with young children).

Less Competition

Less people try to sell homes during the holiday season. They don’t want the added burden of listing a house while also going through the hustle and bustle of the holidays. That means your house will face less competition from others homes on sale. This also could help with how you price the house, as your home likely will be one of only a few available in your area.

Tips for Holiday Home Sales

Many of these tips apply for any time of the year, but they can prove especially important during the holidays.

Get An Agent

Because of the busy holiday time of year, you likely will feel distracted at times from the business of selling your home. You need someone who will continue to work hard for you from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Take the time to find a reliable agent who knows your area well.

Curb Appeal

As mentioned above, the holidays offers a natural time for you to show off your home with holiday decorations. The same is true for the entire neighborhood. However, remember not to go too far with the decorations – you don’t want your home to look like Clark Griswold’s house in “Christmas Vacation.” Think tasteful. Less is more.

Price It Right

This is where an agent can become a great asset. With the reduced competition and more motivated buyers, you should target a price that is within a reasonable range for the neighborhood but not too low or high. With the competition from motivated buyers, you should expect to get something close to your original asking price (if it’s priced right).

Keeping these ideas in mind, you can see how selling during the holidays could actually prove a good move. While it is more of a hassle to put a home on the market during this time of the year, it also could mean a faster sale at a price closer to what you actually want.

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  1. Kylie Dotts

    on   said 

    It makes sense that hiring an agent to help you sell your home would be a good idea if you are feeling distracted during the holiday season. My husband and I just moved out of a home we were unable to sell in time and now we’re trying to figure out what we need to do. I think we could definitely hire someone to try to sell it for us so we can focus on getting settled into our new place and focus on the upcoming holidays.

  2. Richard Davis

    on   said 

    I agree it is good to sell a house during the holiday season and getting a professional help will also be a good idea especially if you’re busy. Great blog by the way and thanks for sharing!


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