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Tips and Advice for New Real Estate Agents

Tips for New Real Estate Agents in Tampa

Becoming a real estate agent is an exhilarating experience. You are finally on your own, ready to start in this new career, knowing that enough opportunities are out there for you to succeed.

You are right: the opportunities are definitely there. But seizing those opportunities will take hard work on your part.

The amount of advice and tips that would be beneficial to new real estate agents could fill this article and several more. So instead, we will concentrate on core issues that help a new agent launch a career successfully.

There’s a reason real estate has been a popular career choice for decades. It’s possible to make a good living – in some cases a very, very good living – as a real estate agent, but only if you approach your new venture with the right mindset and plan.

Here are some areas to keep in mind for new real estate agents.

New Real Estate Agents: Have a Well-Crafted Plan

Do you have a plan for the type of properties and buyers you plan to target? How about an online presence, have you planned for that? You need answers to those type of questions, and the only way you can do so is by sitting down and developing a plan for success and then – most importantly – following through on that plan.

Focus and Find Your Niche

The term “real estate” can encompass a lot of different areas: commercial, industrial, office and residential. And there are other areas that overlap all of these, such as environmentally friendly properties or short sales. The key is to find the area that interests you the most and then focus on that niche, learning everything about it and how best to find and serve potential buyers.

A Brand of One

Your business reputation, even if you are working for a large brokerage firm, comes down to you and you alone. You are the captain of your own brand, and whether it sinks or swims is up to you. In addition to your one-on-one interactions, you need to build your brand through marketing materials, online presence and advertising. There are no shortcuts, but if you put in the hard work (and have a plan), success will follow.


Perhaps more than any other business, real estate success is built on good relationships. There are two main areas to build relationships among clients, customers and prospective buyers. One is the old fashioned, tried-and-true personal social networking. Another is social media, which allows you to contact more people much faster (an important factor especially when just starting out). It’s important to remember that among younger clients, social media might even be a more comfortable way for them to communicate. This means taking the time each day to communicate on your social media networks.

Be Likeable and Trustworthy

As with any job that involves sales, being likeable and having people skills gives new real estate agents a huge advantage. But it’s important to also keep in mind that “likeable” does not necessarily mean “nice.” Nice people have a reputation for saying whatever the other person wants to hear. A likeable person will tell the truth – for example, offering up the downsides of a particular property to a potential buyer or being honest about what a buyer can and cannot afford. That sort of honesty makes you trustworthy to your clients.

Success as a real estate agent is like success in many careers. The major difference in real estate is that for all practical purposes, you are your own boss. This means planning, niche focus, marketing and advertising all come down to you.

Handled properly, all of these factors will lead you to success in your new chosen profession.

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  1. Theresa Malave Navarro

    on   said 

    Good morning,
    My name is Terry, I have been in the timeshare industry 19 years and the glory to God I have been a top producer and a top closer consecutively through out the years. But I have always been interested in real estate sales. Your articles are awesome just want to know do you have any branches in Orlando Florida?

    • SPIN

      on   said 

      Hi Terry. Great to hear from you. We do have agents in Orlando and would love to speak with you. We will reach out to you via the e-mail you provided, or you can call us and ask for Jamie! Looking forward to connecting.


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