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Tips for Real Estate Agents to Gain New Clients

Tips for Real Estate Agents to Gain New Clients

A growing list of clients is the life’s blood for any successful realtor, but it’s not always easy to get new ones while handling what’s already on your plate.

However, there are ways to make the job easier and keep you from spending all of your free time trying to build the business. Like anything in business, you get out of it what you put into it.

Tips for Real Estate Agents to Gain New Clients

So where to start? Here are a few smart ways to grow your real estate business.

Improve Your Phone Skills

This is one of the bread-and-butter areas of real estate, and it’s also an area where people will find any excuse not to do it. Prospecting for clients can lead to rejection and seem like a waste of time. But it’s not if you approach it with the proper plan.

Famed real estate broker Bob Corcoran, says people fail because they fail to start, fail to plan, fail to target and fail to follow up. That last one can be the toughest – you need to contact people as many times as it takes, although that doesn’t always mean phone calls (see email below).

Another great idea is to work on a script – write it and rewrite it until it is how you want it. Then practice it until your delivery is smooth and natural. You don’t have to use the script word-for-word, but it is helpful to keep a conversation flowing in the right direction.

Increase Word of Mouth Factor

Talk to any group of people who have bought or sold a home, and many of them will admit they made their choice of real estate agent through word of mouth. Typically, a potential buyer or seller will ask friends, family or neighbors for a recommendation and will get a name.

You want that to be your name.

How? Obviously, do a good job with the clients you already have and keep in touch after the current business is done.

Also, community outreach is another way to increase your profile and attract new clients by word of mouth. Plan a fundraiser in a community – you’ll be helping a worthy cause while also meeting many new people. Or volunteer at local churches or nonprofit groups.

The best real estate agents are valuable to the very communities for which they hope to attract clients. Surely you know of an agent who has worked in one neighborhood or part of the city for decades – seek him or her out and talk to them about the value of becoming a member of the community where you work.

Of all the tips mentioned here, community outreach has the most chance of actually changing your life in addition to attracting new clients.

Use Email as a Marketing Tool

You can reach more people faster if you utilize email, but there are things to keep in mind.

For example, you want to read up on subject lines that get your email opened. This is key, obviously – if they don’t open the email, they can’t see your pitch to provide them services.

Speaking of email content, there are scripts available to help you craft a better email and that can be altered to fit your needs. You might also want to consider a weekly or monthly newsletter on local real estate that will build your audience.

Use Social Media

Everyone is on some type of social media these days. Why ignore the possibilities of finding new clients?

Placing a listing on the right social media can help you focus on the target audience. A Facebook business page is a great way to start, especially since now it is used primarily by older people who are more likely to be on the lookout for a good housing deal.

Twitter is another easy way to put yourself before new potential clients, and a good Linked In page for your business can also get you the attention of working professionals.

These are just a a few tips for real estate agents to gain new clients. It’s important to mix and match your efforts, trying different methods and seeing what brings success in your area.

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